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Seamless visual-based remote patient monitoring for patients at risk of diabetic foot ulcers.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) are the most brutal complications of diabetes. By the numbers:

Daily visual inspection of the bottom of the feet is the most effective way to identify early signs of ulcers and treat them before invasive intervention is necessary, but most patients aren’t able to comply with these inspections reliably.

Empo Health is automating daily visual foot inspections and giving podiatrists reliable eyes out of the clinic. As compared to temperature-based approaches, Empo’s visual approach allows for rapid scans, enables specific computer vision analysis, and fits more easily into the standard-of-care for podiatrists.

Imaging Bathroom Scale for Patient Ease of Use

High-resolution foot images and body weight are captured simultaneously, integrating seamlessly into a patient’s daily routine like their normal weight scale.

Cloud Processing for Automated Image Screening

Images analyzed with advanced computer vision capabilities in the cloud to identify areas of change in the feet.

Digital Health Platform for Clinical Efficiency

Alerts are sent to podiatrists with full-color images, enabling a rapid response, remote triage, and non-invasive intervention to prevent early issues from reaching severe outcomes.

Empo Health's product is currently under development and is not yet publicly available. The information on this website has not yet been evaluated by the FDA. Empo Health plans to register the product with the FDA before public launch.



Anuj Khandelwal 

Chief Executive Officer

Anuj holds a degree in mechanical engineering (mechatronics) from MIT and a degree in mechanical engineering (medical devices) from Stanford. He brings experience from Amazon Prime Air, Auris Health, Raytheon, and Quorum Analytics.

Eric Dahlseng 

Chief Product Officer

Eric holds a dual degree in mechanical engineering and computer science from MIT. He brings experience from Shaper Tools, Tesla, and the MIT BioInstrumentation Lab.

Clinical Advisors

Dr. Bryan Markinson, DPM 

Chief of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Justin Lewis, DPM, FACFAS 

Chief of Podiatric Surgery of Carroll Hospital, Immediate Past President of Maryland Podiatric Medical Association

Dr. Dawn Gretz, DPM, PA 

Chief of Podiatric Surgery, MedStar Harbor Hospital


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